Education Sessions

The education during Commercial Strategy Week will prepare attendees to fuel their company’s rebound, elevate their leadership and business acumen (and that of their teams), anticipate and respond to headwinds, and drive profit throughout the customer journey.

You’ll leave with actionable insights and thought-provoking ideas to guide your strategies – all aimed at fueling your company’s recovery.

Attendees receive credit for 8 hours of continuing education for CRME and CHDM certification and re-certification. Additional hours can be earned by participating in certification review courses and Partner Insight Workshops.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Global Trends & Evolving Customers…and what they mean for hotel marketing
with Daniel Levine, Executive Director, Avant Guide Institute

Daniel Levine—a world-renowned trends expert—helps many of the top names in travel understand the changes that are likely to influence them in the future, and how to prepare for them. He’ll do the same for us, and also share actionable insights around a series of timely topics related to leisure, commercial, and group travelers.

It’s the Little Things: Small Screen, Big Impact
with Debra Jasper, Ph.D., CEO & Founder, Mindset Digital

For hotels to effectively compete today, they must engage potential guests and clients. That means that marketers must rethink how they communicate and inform—especially on small screens.

To help you better reach a distant, distracted audience, this fast-moving session will teach you new approaches to break through the noise. You’ll leave a more powerful virtual communicator able to:

  • communicate with extreme clarity,
  • present with power, and
  • understand what’s coming for us next, and how it will change the way we do business.

Debra Jasper works with leaders across Fortune 100 firms—specializing in hospitality, healthcare, and finance—to connect and compete in today’s fast-moving virtual world.

The Lightning Round: Insights Worth Sharing

It’s an HSMAI tradition: Marketing executives will share their interesting ideas and case studies for driving revenue and profit.

In 6 minutes & 40 seconds, each will share best practices with practical takeaways that you can use to sharpen every-day skills and boost property performance, or strategic insights that broaden your perspective and help you better understand key issues and concepts that impact the strategic and leadership aspects of the marketing discipline.

We’ll get “Lightning Bolts” from:

  • Mercedes Blanco, CMP, VP Strategic Partnerships, The Hotels Network and Women in Travel THRIVE
  • Andrea Deleon, Senior Director, Digital, Omni Hotels & Resorts
  • John Jimenez, VP of E-commerce, Noble Investment Group
  • Lori Kiel, CHDM, Chief Commercial Officer, Kessler Collection
  • Ashley Sellhorst, Director of Sales, Sojern
  • Stephanie Smith, CEO & Digital Matriarch, Cogwheel Marketing

Awards Celebration
The awards celebration in the morning will shine the spotlight on the incredible talent and accomplishments of marketing leaders.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

12 breakout sessions over the course of the day will address the most important issues facing marketing leaders.

A New Framework for Converging Sales, Marketing, And Revenue Optimization

The lines continue to blur between commercial disciplines in hospitality, but most organizations struggle with how to adapt to this new environment. Silos still exist between departments primarily as a result of legacy staffing models, strained resources, inflexible technology, and insufficient talent development.

This session will introduce a framework that is built on managing business functions—not department titles—as the means toward building a more successful commercial effort in the hospitality environment. Whether you are a DOSM for a single hotel or VP of Marketing for a large portfolio, the principles in this session will help you build and adapt a more cohesive and successful promotional effort.

You’ll leave this session with:
• An inventory of the business functions common between Sales, Marketing, Revenue Optimization, and other operating departments in a hotel.
• 2-3 action steps that you can immediately take to improve convergence in your own work environment.
• A scalable framework to continuously improve results at your organization even as business conditions fluctuate.

  • Lovell Casiero, SVP, Sales & Marketing, PM Hotel Group
  • Tina Meredith, CRME, Vice President of Revenue Management, PM Hotel Group

Optimize Your Hotel Website for Web 3.0

Web 3.0—with its promises of decentralization, increased control of personal data, and faster, more relevant access to information—is already shaping travel and hospitality in more ways (and faster) than ever before. This session will help you understand Web 3.0 in the context of the hospitality industry, and leave you with best practices for:

  • combining aesthetics with technology to drive higher bookings and engagement
  • the key technological elements of a high performing website in the world of Web 3.0
  • shifting your hotel website into turbo and competing head-on with ecommerce-driven sites

Anil Aggarwal, CEO, Milestone, Inc.

The Keys to Digital Success When Opening, Reflagging, or Relaunching a Hotel

Take the three hotels opening every day in the U.S. plus thousands more reflagging, then add on the thousands that are in the process of relaunching as they come out of the depths of the pandemic…and you have A LOT of hotels that need to (re)boot up quickly to build success in the digital space.

This session will walk you through how to build a comprehensive digital strategy, and do it quickly so that your new (or revamped) hotel will reach, convert, and engage guests, be competitive, and drive revenue.

  • Betsy Haubert, Director, Customer Engagement, Marriott International
  • Sara Tirrell, CHDM, Corporate Director of eCommerce, Mainsail Lodging & Development

Research in Action: Marketing Edition

This series of short presentations will provide insights that offer practical solutions to the marketing challenges of driving measurable short-term results while simultaneously keeping an eye on future developments and opportunities.

Research in Action gives faculty members the opportunity to share new insights with industry professionals, and gives industry professionals the opportunity to develop productive partnerships with faculty.

Research findings will be shared from:

  1. A Google HotelAds “billboard study” that looks at the impact of price meta (both free & paid) on direct bookings
  2. A study around virtual reality and consumer engagement on hotel and destination websites
  • Dr. Chris K. Anderson, Academic Director, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University
  • Olena Ciftci, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Mississippi

COLLABORATE: Dynamic Roundtables on Emerging Industry Topics

Industry experts and well-known keynoters offer lots of takeaways and insights, but HSMAI also believes that it is important to make time to allow attendees to learn from one another. This portion of the program will spark attendee conversation, engagement, and peer-to-peer learning, taking advantage of the collective brain power at HSMAI’s Marketing Strategy Conference.

It will be an open exchange – in small groups – of ideas, experiences, and insights that leverages the talent in the room, and leaves you with new connections and knowledge that you can use to immediately impact your business.

Topics will include:

  1. Doing More With Less
  2. Authentically Incorporating DEIB in Your Staff Team (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)
  3. Engaging Gen Z (the new “Millennials”)
  4. Leveraging Loyalty to Drive Direct Bookings
  5. Identifying your brands niche and attracting new audiences
  6. Fighting for the “New” Marketing Initiatives in Your 2023 Budget

The session will be hosted by members of HSMAI’s Rising Marketing Leader Council.

Your Analytics Are Wrong! Avoiding the Pitfalls of Analytics Implementation

Having proper and accurate analytics can make or break your campaign—and define the value of your marketing! Make sure you are set up for success when launching new websites and optimizing email and social campaigns. Know the pitfalls and how to avoid them, and get the tools to have meaningful conversations with your analytic support teams!

You’ll leave this session with:

• a checklist of items to send to your analytics team to QA and optimize
• a better understanding of whether you have correctly set up and optimized your analytics
• knowledge of what to plan for when launching new websites or campaigns

  • Christina Davis, VP of Media & Analytics, Tambourine
  • Brian Elliott, Director, Digital, Inntopia
  • Tina Markowitz, VP Digital Marketing Media & Analytics, Cendyn

A Hotel Marketer’s Guide to the Metaverse

It seems like everyone is talking about the metaverse, but what does it mean for the travel industry? This session will dive deep into what the metaverse can do for inspiration (and more) when it comes to travel. It will also address practical ways you can dip your toes in the metaverse today.

You’ll leave the session with:

  • a better understanding of the metaverse and its potential for travel marketing
  • a framework to plan for your hotels’ future in the metaverse
  • realistic ideas for leveraging the metaverse in your current marketing strategies

Speaker will be announced soon!

Maximizing Total Hotel Revenue: Boost Your Ancillary Revenue Strategy

While hotel occupancy rates and room revenue are projected to approach 2019 levels this year, the outlook for ancillary revenue is less optimistic. This valuable revenue source is expected to lag significantly as business travel and groups and meetings slowly return.

Now more than ever, an innovative, well-defined ancillary revenue strategy—that spans the entire customer journey—can put you ahead of the curve and help your business recover faster than those hotels that rely on one revenue stream.

This session will deliver strategies and tactical tips to leverage your ancillary opportunities—from the obvious (room upgrades, dining, golf, and spa) to the non-traditional (parking, rooftop space, food & beverage, and activities)—for increased revenue and profit contribution.

  • Linda Gulrajani, Vice President of Revenue Strategy and Distribution, Marcus Hotels & Resorts
  • Kelly McGuire, Managing Principal, ZS
  • Shawn Tarter, President, Real Time Reservations

The Convergence of Marketing, Revenue, and IT: Embracing The Guest Journey

We often talk about the convergence of marketing and revenue management, but what about IT?

Marketing and revenue management are increasingly technology-powered disciplines, as technology is woven into almost everything we do. These technologies have tremendous potential to not only increase the capabilities and value of marketing and revenue—but to enhance the guest’s experience as well. However, there’s a catch: We must embrace the idea that technology strategy and management is an integral part of the marketing and revenue function.

By following the guest touchpoints along the customer journey, this session will provide practical, real-life insights into how marketing and revenue leaders can work with their IT counterparts to ensure technology is not only being implemented at the property but is creating the most impactful guest experience. Learn how to work together and identify the opportunities to create technology-marketing convergence, and avoid collision.

  • Isaac Gerstenzang, CHDM, CRME, Vice President Digital Marketing & CRM, Atlantis Paradise Bahamas
  • Danirose Barry, Vice President of Revenue Management & Distribution, Atlantis Paradise Bahamas
  • Georgia Britton, VP of Application Development IT, Atlantis Paradise Bahamas

Google: Driving Travel’s Acceleration

The last 2+ years have been nothing short of a rollercoaster for the travel industry. Travel’s recovery is now accelerating as we approach key summer holidays that offer an opportunity for brands and marketers. As travelers are open to new experiences, there are key levers for brands to pull to influence travel behavior and capture pent up demand. Google solutions offer brands the ability to be ready, adapt to user behavior and drive bookings.

  • Nelson Boyce, Managing Director of Travel, Google

Staffing Shortages: Big Areas Marketers Can Impact to Accelerate Recovery

The need for talent in hotels has never been greater. Staffing challenges in sales, marketing, revenue optimization, and operations are being felt across all hotel companies at the unit and corporate levels.

Sometimes it can feel like the problem is insurmountable, but there are two big areas that marketers have the opportunity to positively impact:
1. Supporting “The Great Retention” movement to keep the talent that we have
2. Optimizing marketing budgets when rooms (and other services) are closed because of staffing shortages.

For both areas, partnerships across your organization are vital. Whether it is working with Operations to ensure marketing isn’t spending to fill rooms that can’t be serviced, or working with the People team to highlight professional and personal growth opportunities that can lead to longevity with and loyalty to your company.

  • Michelle Woodley, President, Preferred Hotel Group and chair of the HSMAI Foundation Board of Directors

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Economics Beyond the Forecast
with Adam Sacks, President , Tourism Economics

So that you can make smarter, more confident decisions that accelerate your company’s recovery, Adam has a two-part mission:

  1. to share Tourism Economics’ latest views on the economy, the mindset of travelers, and expectations for how and when travel will fully recover,  and
  2. to help us understand which are the most important economic principles for hoteliers to watch, and what they mean when we’re thinking about setting room rates, or trying to understand how customers might spend on F&B for events, and more.

For more than two decades, Adam has worked with destinations, industry associations, and companies around the world in the areas of opportunity and risk assessments, policy analysis, and economic impact.

He is an authority on measuring the economic impact of visitor activity and has analyzed the impacts of cruising, gaming, timeshare, hotels, new attractions, and destination marketing.

A View from the Top

Industry leaders will bring their perspectives to bear on current events in the hotel and travel landscape, what the future holds for revenue optimization in hotels, and other important issues affecting the industry today. It is a candid conversation with actionable insights that you’ll only hear at HSMAI – the industry’s only organization committed to fueling sales, inspiring marketing, and optimizing revenue for hotels and their partners.

  • Dawn Gallagher, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Crescent
  • Lori Kiel, CHDM, Chief Commercial Officer, Kessler Collection
  • Raul Moronta, CRME, Chief Commercial Officer, Remington Hotels
  • Moderated by Jennifer Hill, CRME, CHDM, VP, Commercial Strategy, Kalibri Labs, and co-chair of the ROC workgroup


It’s a ROC tradition: revenue executives will share their best practices, strategic insights, and big ideas for driving revenue and profit…in 6 minutes and 40 seconds each.

You’ll leave with best practices and practical takeaways that you can use to sharpen your every-day skills and boost property performance, and strategic insights that broaden your perspective and help you better understand key issues and concepts that impact the strategic and leadership aspects of the revenue optimization discipline.

“Lighting Bolts” will come from:

  • Stephen Hambleton, CRME, Director, Product Management, IDeaS Revenue Solutions
  • Claudia Infante, Vice President of Revenue Strategy, Margaritaville Enterprises
  • Erica Lipscomb, SVP Commercial Strategy, Crescent Hotels & Resorts
  • Tess McGoldrick, Director, Customer Strategy & Success, Revenue Analytics
  • Karen McWilliams, Vice President Revenue Strategy, Concord Hospitality
  • Sharon Paine, VP, Revenue Management, IHG
  • Chinmai Sharma, CRME, President, Americas, RateGain – DHISCO

Awards Celebration
The awards celebration in the morning will shine the spotlight on the incredible talent and accomplishments of revenue optimization leaders.

The “Of the Year” awards are co-presented with Expedia Group.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

12 breakout sessions over the course of the day will address the most important issues facing marketing leaders.

Myopia in Revenue Management: Don’t let that be the next pandemic!

Revenue management is being done the same way it always has been. Have we learned nothing over the last 10 years that should push us to change? This session will help identify opportunities for better data analysis, time management, and re-thinking the way we work.

  • Roy Madhok, CRME, SVP Revenue Management and Distribution, Highgate
  • Dr. Kelly McGuire, Managing Principal, Hospitality, ZS
  • Dave Collier, CRO, OTA Insight

Headlines & Headwinds on the Legal & Regulatory Landscape

The legal and regulatory landscape is constantly changing, particularly in areas that directly affect revenue optimization professionals. Greg Duff, Chair of the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Practice at Foster Garvey PC and a favorite speaker of HSMAI audiences at executive roundtables, conferences, and webinars, will review today’s legal and legislative headlines and headwinds while preparing you for those that he sees on the horizon.

  • Greg Duff, Principal, Foster Garvey PC

COLLABORATE: Tactical Roundtables on Big Revenue Optimization Issues

Industry experts and well-known keynoters offer lots of takeaways and insights, but HSMAI also believes that it is important to make time to allow attendees to learn from one another. This portion of the program will spark attendee conversation, engagement, and peer-to-peer learning, taking advantage of the collective brain power at HSMAI ROC.

It will be an open exchange – in small groups – of ideas, experiences, and insights that leverages the talent in the room, and leaves you with new connections and knowledge that you can use to immediately impact your business.

Check the app onsite for the topics that have been determined by attendees!

  • The session will be hosted by members of HSMAI’s Rising Revenue Optimization Leader Council.

Distribution Strategies that Optimize Profit and Accelerate Recovery

Legacy challenges including onward distribution, connectivity, and content optimization are becoming ever more complicated as technology, marketing, and revenue management intersect in the distribution landscape.

How do we solve for these challenges while preparing for new distribution opportunities? This session will offer solutions that you and your team can leverage to navigate the current challenges and disruptors that impact revenue management.

  • Mauri Berry, VP of Digital Marketing, Remington Hotel Group
  • Lyon Hardgrave, CEO and Co-Founder, Pinktada
  • Andrew Rubinacci, EVP, Commercial & Revenue Strategy, Aimbridge
  • Moderated by Flo Lugli, Principal, Navesink Advisory Group LLC

Speak with Influence: Communicating with Impact as a Leader

Leading communication expert and champion, Karen Laos, will provide best practices for stepping up your communication game in the workplace. Whether you’re a seasoned expert in the field or growing into a new role, Karen will offer tips and tricks for enhancing your presence and your message. Learn practical ways to build trust and credibility quickly. This session is perfect for leaders of teams and for individual contributors. Let’s all stand out with confidence!

  • Karen Laos, Founder and CEO, Karen Laos Consulting

10 Digital Marketing Tactics Revenue Optimization Teams Need to Master

Revenue managers can’t be experts in digital marketing. But there are a few aspects of digital marketing—paid media, local search, metasearch, reputation management, and social media among them—that revenue managers should master. With these tools, and the understanding of how to interpret their results, revenue managers can make significant impacts on revenue optimization.

  • Dan Fernandez, VP of Digital Marketing, Concord Hospitality
  • Christina Davis, Director of Media Strategy & Operations, Tambourine
  • Haley White, Director, Business Development, Expedia Group Media Solutions

Maximizing Industry-Faculty Partnerships: Research in Action

Industry-Faculty partnerships deliver a wealth of benefits to both parties. But how can you forge productive partnerships with faculty, students, and university communities? Where, and how do you get started, and once established, how can you maximize these important relationships?

In this session, we will answer these questions, and share examples of successful industry-faculty partnerships so that you can learn how your company can best capitalize on new and existing collaborations to drive innovation, talent acquisition and development, and more.

  • Dr. Breffni Noone, Professor, Penn State University
  • Dr. Jeff Beck, Associate Professor, Michigan State University
  • Anja Fiedler, CRME, CHBA, Executive Director, Revenue Management Integration, Accor

How to Un-Silo the Sales Process

Sales and revenue teams SHOULD be working toward a mutual goal of optimizing hotel revenue, but that unfortunately is not always happening. Revenue leaders can break down the siloes by developing a more comprehensive understanding of today’s sales-scape. This session will give you that understanding.

Additionally, we’ll leave you with actionable solutions to the challenges most often preventing these two disciplines from working effectively together.

  • Chris Hardy, Vice President, Sales & Revenue Strategy, Parks Hospitality Group
  • Lori Kiel, CHDM, Chief Commercial Officer, Kessler Collection
  • Gissell Moronta, CMP, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Atrium Hospitality
  • Moderated by Libbi Carlson, CRME, Vice President of Revenue Strategy, Remington Hotels

Is RevPAR enough? Considerations for a Profitability-Focused Commercial Strategy

Over more than three decades, RevPAR has become the single most important metric of all key performance indicators for hotel management. RevPAR as the primary KPI assumes that balancing occupancy and ADR levels the playing field, and provides for an equal baseline comparison of market performance from hotel to hotel.

But is RevPAR enough? Do topline metrics really give us sufficient insight into our competitive position and financial health, or is there a better way to gauge internal and external performance?

The pandemic has made these questions and the wider topic of profitability even more urgent. This collaborative and interactive session will drill into these complexities and more.

  • Moderated by David Warman, Chief Client Officer, IDeaS

The Post-Pandemic Evolution to Revenue Strategy

The discipline of revenue management is evolving—an evolution accelerated by the pandemic. Leaders in hotel revenue management, and more broadly in sales and marketing, need to understand this evolution, and lead and adapt accordingly.

This candid, strategic conversation will address how revenue management is becoming more strategic at leading hotel companies by being a stakeholder in sales, marketing, and distribution. We’ll also talk about how today’s revenue managers need to use data analytics and automation to develop a holistic revenue strategy, and the new tools available that can help with business analysis and data visualization.

  • Priya Chandnani, CRME, Vice President Revenue Management, Benchmark Global Hospitality
  • Jeff Garber, Vice President – Global Revenue Systems Transformation, IHG
  • Michael Klein, Vice President, Global Revenue Management, Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • Dave Roberts, Professor, Cornell University
  • Moderated by Chinmai Sharma, CRME, President, Americas, RateGain – DHISCO

Widen Your Lane: Build Your Digital Marketing Competency

Ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect? It describes the condition where — when we know just a little about something — we struggle to evaluate just how little we know. It’s only after continuing to explore a topic do we realize how extensive it is and how much we still have to master.

As revenue optimization professionals are increasingly charged with digital marketing responsibilities, it is easy to fall into this trap when it comes to digital marketing.

This session — led by the instructors of HSMAI’s popular Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials course — will:
• Give you a better understanding of the hospitality digital marketing concepts, tools, and techniques you need to know today to hit your revenue goals.
• Help you “know what you don’t know” and develop a plan to fill your digital marketing knowledge gaps (and those of your team).
• Prepare you to work more skillfully with internal teams and external partners to increase sales and optimize revenue.

  • Holly Zoba, CHDM, Principal, Scout Simply
  • Dan Wacksman, CHDM, CRME, CHBA, Principal, Sassato

Monday, June 27 | 12:30 4:30 pm

These four-hour workshops will review the key components of the Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM) certification or Certified Revenue Management Executive (CRME) certification materials, and are a great final “cram session” before you take the exam. Participants have the opportunity to take the CHDM or CRME exam on site immediately following the review course if they have submitted their application in advance.

Both courses are the day before the HSMAI Marketing Strategy Conference, and 2 days before HSMAI ROC. Space is limited, and an additional registration fee is required.

CHDM Review Course

Learn more about this course — and how to be approved to take the exam on site.

Reserve your seat when you register for either the Marketing Strategy Conference or HSMAI ROC. Or register for just this program.

Facilitated by Holly Zoba, CHDM, Principal, Scout Simply, and past chair of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board

CRME Review Course

Learn more about this course — and how to be approved to take the exam on site.

Reserve your seat when you register for either the Marketing Strategy Conference or HSMAI ROC. Or, register for just this program.

Facilitated by Tim Wiersma, CRME, Principal, Revenue Generation, and past chair of HSMAI’s Revenue Optimization Advisory Board

Monday, June 27 | 1:30 – 4:30 pm

Partner Insights Workshops are 55-minute sessions designed to help you make the most of your travel to Orlando. They offer an extra 1/2 day of learning brought to you by HSMAI’s partners. Each session is designed and delivered by the designated sponsoring company.

Reserve your seat when you register for either the Marketing Strategy Conference or HSMAI ROC. Or, register for just this program.

1:30 – 2:25 pm

  1. Top 5 Trends Impacting Digital Transformation for Hotels in a Post Pandemic World…presented by Milestone:Learn about the top 5 trends impacting digital marketing in the post-pandemic world. As business travel continues to lag pre-covid levels, increased focus on leisure travel and revenue from meetings, groups, and hotel outlets is the key to digital transformation. Google search algorithm powered by artificial intelligence continues to get smarter and provide more precise results. Paid Advertising needs an overhaul as hotels get ready for the cookieless world. Google’s next-generation GA4 event-based analytics is less than a year away. Have you migrated and started accumulating data to compare to next year? Learn what GA4 does better than GA UA and how to map your events and results into your new GA4 instance.
  2. The Art of Hotel Marketing…presented by Tambourine: Learn from Tambourine’s creative directors as they examine the impact design decisions have on meaningful consumer touchpoints.

2:30 – 3:25 pm

  1. Advanced SEO and Local Search Strategies to Drive Direct Revenue for Hoteliers for 2023…presented by Milestone:Google’s algorithm continues to evolve from keywords to entities and topics. Google Posts and FAQs offer significant marketing opportunities in GMB that are currently free. In this session, you will learn how to transform your content and website technology for the next generation of search, including schemas, entity search, voice search, FAQs, and more.
  2. The Business of Hotel Marketing…presented by Tambourine: Meet Tambourine’s media strategy team and get granular about how a truly segment-based approach to hotel marketing can align stakeholders and meaningfully impact bottom-line revenue goals.

3:30 4:25 pm 

  1. Creating Stunning Digital Experience for High-Performance Websites…presented by Milestone: The customer journey on your hotel’s website comprises 3 key elements – digital acquisition, digital experience, and digital conversion. This session will cover the latest trends in creative design and videos that help create stunning digital experience. The session also discusses technology, tools, and applications that enhance customer acquisition and how to maximize conversion on your website.
  2. The Science of Hotel Marketing…presented by Tambourine: Learn from Tambourine’s media and data analytics architects as they discuss some of the major technology shifts in web analytics, tracking, and reporting.

Partner Insights Partners